Scope, Career, and Types of  Government jobs in India: This new madness or government work is a misunderstanding in the minds of today’s youth. They have a false impression that government work is “not required,” “no purpose,” and “provides a lot of benefits.” In particular, “labor security” is included even though wages are lower than those of private sector work.

Myth 1: Government Jobs Wages and Profits Always Earn Private Work Wages and Profits.

At the entry-level, the state government’s work pays the highest wages, not the lowest. Recently, I did a project on the hiring of post offices and post offices. The minimum educational criteria for the position were Class X or XII. The salary was up to 20,000 rs.

For “other benefits” such as maternity benefits and medical benefits, government agencies are clearly scoring in the private sector. This is absolutely true. Now, let’s look at the shortcomings of government work in terms of salaries and other benefits.

Government pay is only attractive at the entry-level. Over the years, there are far fewer people who earn money along with the “benefits” that government employees enjoy than their private partners.

Talented employees working in private companies may rise to the AVP or VP level within 15 years. However, in 15 years, government employees can become seniors and supervisors who earn only one-third of what their employees earn in private organizations. Therefore, the job that provides today’s attractive salary will be responsible within 10-15 years. Talented employees are frustrated that their benefits are not recognized and are not rewarded properly. A career in the private sector can be difficult in the early stages, but throughout the period, you can get good rewards for worthy people.

Myth 2 – The Work of the Government is less Demanding, Unpurposed, and “Permanent”.

Government work is no longer as comfortable as it used to be. The government is working on a deliberate policy to deal with non-interpreters. Indeed, the Human Resources And Training Department has already developed detailed guidelines to address questionable honesty, according to the instructions of Chief Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha, who called for a review of delinquencies. This means that government employees who do not perform their duties properly, act inappropriately, and work casually can no longer stick to their jobs.

The government, on the other hand, creates contract features based on the people needed for a particular project, as before. For example, the Bihar Rural Life Promotion Association hired staff for jobs ranging from social workers to contract managers. Therefore, all government work is no longer “permanent”. In addition, the government is considering entrusting some jobs to the private sector. Government and private sector jobs have support and weaknesses. Job seekers should choose based on risk appetite.

Monthly Salary Guarantee

During a recession when a multinational company (multinational company) is firing or dismissing an employee because it does not have the wages to pay.

Take the latest example of Kingfisher Airlines where thousands of people have not received payments for months. But in government work, your monthly salary is guaranteed and you are paid on time.

In fact, while budgeting, the government first funds all government work, and then allocates funds to other public welfare plans.
In short, from the budget, you will first pay government officials and, if you have money left, go to other plans. Therefore, the government does not have money, so it never happens in Naukri Sarkari that employees are not paid.

But it could happen in private sector work. If the company is not making a profit, it may not have the money to pay the workers.

Government Job in India is the Best.

Lifetime Pension

The best part of Government jobs in India is the pension of a lifetime after retirement. This is the main reason why everyone in India prefers government work.

In the future, if your entire life is covered by insurance, you don’t need any other type of insurance (or Bima). If you’re looking for other places, it’s a great place to stay.

You and your wife will enjoy the pension until one of them lives. If your partner dies, you can also get half the amount of your pension.

In private work, there is no such thing as a pension, only a monthly salary.

Unlike private jobs, which require you to look at your children in retirement government work, you don’t have to rely on them. Life pensions are not private work, only for government work.

Reduced Workload

In the private sector, you get paid only when you are working. The workload of the private sector is too large, and you have to be able to work eight to ten hours. If you are not satisfied with your work or the work is not on the mark, all activities will be monitored by the manager and then you may be fired.

But once you are employed and in government work, no one can fire you. The workload of government work is negligible and you really enjoy the work environment.

Private jobs must also pass the evaluation on a regular basis. If you are suitable for work, you will be evaluated. If you are fit, otherwise you can keep working the company will say goodbye.

However, there is only a stress-free working environment in Government jobs in India. That’s why all Indians want government work.


Enjoy all the Holidays

In government work, you can enjoy all the holidays in a year. More than 50 days of summer vacation, 10-15 days of winter vacation. In addition, he said good-bye to Diwali for 10 days.

You are paid only when you are at work. If you decide to take a holiday, the company can find your salary for the day.
First of all, in a private job, it is not easy to obtain a license. On the other hand, in government work, you can enjoy all the holidays in a year. Therefore, government work is preferred in India.

Government Regions

In government work, housing is already provided by the government. For example, my uncle was in the Air Force and his family always lived in a government room.

Today, in cities, renting an apartment in 2BHK costs Rs.10,000 to 15,000 (further) per month. What you earn every month pays only half of the rent of the house.

But if you have Government jobs, you don’t have to worry about renting.

If you have a job in the government, you can live in their quarters for free. In the same government house, people who work in private companies will have to pay 15,000 to rs 20,000 per month.

Free Medical Facilities

Free medical centers are another reason Indians want to get government jobs. In India, even salaried workers cannot receive treatment.

For a small cut of the finger, tetanus injection will cost rs 1000 or more. In addition, you will have to pay the doctor’s fee. So a small cut of the finger will cost so much more what happens in a complete surgery. My relatives underwent surgery on their stomach stones and it cost them about 1,000,000 rs.

But if you have a government job, your medical expenses will be zero for your whole family. Whether it is a small cut or open-heart surgery.

The open-heart surgery of two people in a private hospital cost more than one million/- or more.

But for their work in government, it was free for them.

Free Permissions (TA/DA)

Government work ensures that you receive TA/DA (travel assignment and love allowance) every year. TA allows you to travel from one location to another for free. For plane tickets, you’ll get concessions.

Similarly, if there is a commodity price increase, they get AA or bonds every year.

So the Indian people want the work of the government because everything is taken care of by the government.

Get a Proposal Easily

Finally, if you are a young man and have a government job, you will be inundated with proposals. Every week, you receive hundreds of suggestions from your community.

Everyone wants to give a daughter to a man who has a government job.

Who doesn’t get a good offer for their marriage just because they’re doing business?

Greater Social Acceptance

Finally, Indians Government jobs in India for greater social acceptance. Men who are IAS or IPS officers have greater respect in society compared to men in other professions.

Improving respect and social acceptance is still a very important factor today. Therefore, Indians would like to go for government jobs in India.

From pensions to government areas, from free medical centers to proposals, government jobs in India is the first choice for millions of Indians.

As you know, government work is the most sought-after career option in India for most young job seekers. Government work brings some advantages that can make your life happier and richer. Government work is certainly the best career option based on most job seekers. Everyone tries to get the best government jobs in India for safe and secure career progress, good wages, job stability, job satisfaction and more.

Govt Jobs

Today, young Indians are attracted to the work of the government not only by the authority they have but also by the challenges and goals they bring. In order to get a government job, individuals need to go through some competitive tests where people can participate and fight for a limited seat. Also, if you’re looking for a career as a government employee, the first thing you need to do is understand your prospects.

Many times the news that graduate school post-lak and doctoral holders have applied for a vacant spot in peony, or that engineers are trying to get clerical jobs at SBI and SSC MTS recruitment. One shows the lack of government work, and secondly, most importantly, the lack of understanding of the kind of work of the Indian government.

The Indian Central Government or the Government of the State of India divides civil servants into several groups, and these groups are divided into several levels.

Group – D&C: 7th CPC Payment Level 1-5
Group – B: 7th pay level CPC 6-9 (Non-Gazetted)
Group – A: 7th CPC Payment Level 10-12 (Gazetted)
Group – A: 7th CPC Payment Level 13-14 (Senior Level)
HAG: 7th CPC Payment Level 15-18

Group – D Employee

This is a fund for government officials in India. Previously the sixth salary of the Wage Committee, these employee groups were in the salary band Rs.1800 for Rs.5200-20200. Drivers, Pions, Cleaners, Mali, Guards, Barbers, Cooks and others are part of the works of Group D or Class 4 governments in India.

Group – C Employee

It is the largest employee or government employee at the ground level. There is mainly support and non-supervision work. These government employees can be promoted to a higher level. The Personnel Selection Committee (SSC) has adopted the position of the Group C government. People working in these positions do not have important managers. These candidates are usually selected through SSC recruitment exams for central government vacancies.

The 6th Wage Committee, in a wage ban of Rs 5200 to 20200, government officials of this group Rs.1800. Pay 2800. The Seventh Payment Committee merged Group – C and D so that they could enter the same salary band and enter salary levels 1 to 5. The base payment for the employee in Group C starts from Rs 18000 to Rs 29200.

Most government officials are fakes in this category. secretaries, multiple task personnel, attendants, assistants, typists, telephone operators, primary teachers, habitats, constable, sub-inspectors, technicians, machines, assistants, linemen, drivers, electricians, supervisors, cashiers, storekeepers, chemicals, health inspectors, etc. are part of the group’s prominent government work.

Group – B Employee

This is the kind of government job that is the biggest executive. Most of the monitoring work is done by employees in this group. In general, the government officials of Group B are not gazebo, but some of the work is also contemplating. The basic difference between the government officials who have seen and the government officials revealed is that the former can approve the issuance of official stamps by the government, but not the latter. The executive has a more administrative role. The Personnel Selection Committee (SSC) takes a recruitment exam to recruit vacancies in these groups. However, some positions also employ UPSC and state PSC.

Some of the vacancies in Group B belong to the nature of The Gifted. The authority of a Group B officer is similar to the authority of a Group A officer. In order to start your career as a Look Officer for Group B, you need to clean up the UPSC exam, but most of these seats are met through promotions. The officers of this group will be appointed by the head of any government agency’s department. For example, through the Indian Armed Forces and SCS (State Civil Affairs), the JCO (Junior Commissioner) nominates several positions under Group B.

At the 6th Wage Committee, the majority of Group B government employees were in the salary band from Rs.9300 to Rs 34800, which was grade payments from Rs.4200 to Rs. 5400/- The seventh payment committee gave them wage levels 6 -9. The base salary for government employees in Group B is between Rs.34500 and Rs 53100.

This group is the backbone of government services. The preparation and execution of most government actions are only on the shoulders of this group of government officials. Deputy inspectors, inspectors, junior engineers, TGT and PGT school teachers, programmers, engineers, staff nurses, translators, junior officers, technical assistants, physiotherapists, accountants, account officers, instructors, section officers, counselors, etc. are part of the group’s prominent government work.

Group – A Employee (Official)

Group A is the rank of officers in government work. Group – A is classified as the highest in terms of appointments and permissions. Job seekers appointed to this group are civil servants and have various managerial positions in all governments, which are one of the highest available positions. Officers commissioned by scientists of organizations such as IAF/Navy/Army (India Army), AIS officers (All Indian Armed Forces), Engineers, Bureaucracy, DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, BARC, Central India Citizen Services (IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRTS)

At the 6th Wage Committee, the majority of employees in the Group A government belonged to the rs.15600-39100 grade Rs.5400 to Rs.7600 salary bands. Rs. 10000 from 8700. Currently, the Seventh Wage Committee has placed all Group A employees at wage levels 10-14. All government employees recruited by the Indian Civil Service Commission will start their careers at salary level 10 and, if promoted, promote to various levels up to the HAG level. Due to the status of scientists and faculty vacancies, recruitment takes place for salary levels of 10-13.

There are several types of Government Jobs in India at different wage levels. Before applying for a government job, candidates need to know all the details about the groups A, B, C, and D categories of government jobs.

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