Marine Engineering

They design, maintain, build machines used in and around the sea. One can pursue this marine engineering course degree in BE/B. Tech in Marine engineering, BE/B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, and Masters and the Ph.D. degree in marine engineering.
The course subjects are concentrated on the study of concepts and understanding of machines and designing and building different kinds of sea equipment, from building boats, ships to harbor machines in seaports.

Scope of Marine Engineering:

After completion of the marine engineering degree course, individuals can opt for lucrative career options in private and government shipping companies, sea craft designing and building, and engine production firms. They have a wide scope of career opportunities in shipping companies in India and abroad.

Careers in Marine Engineering:

The course study of marine engineering offers a wide range of future scope in the field of seaports and sector job profiles. Today, with the rising importance of preserving marine life and the need to mitigate marine pollution, employment opportunities for individuals with the marine-related course.  are valued for helping them in the sustainable balancing of the marine ecosystem and by building ships and sea crafts by using non-toxic ship oils and resorting to solar energy as their source of power generation, which are friendly to the sea.

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