ECHS 2023-Dental Officer

Conventional system of echelon of repair shall of not be applicable in case of medical and dental equipment as their repair and maintenance will be carried out by concerned repair agencies through Local purchase (LP) of spares, Local Repair Contract (LRC) or directly by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) or the civil firm. No Non availability certificate (NAC) should be required by the workshop /Polyclinics for undertaken LP of spares for medical and dental equipment. Repair and servicing of medical /Dental equipment from civil sources will be carried out under the circumstance and up to the prescribed financial limit of concerned CFAs as laid down in Govt of India letter quoted above. The repair and servicing / maintenance facilities civil sources have been instituted with the aim to keep the medical equipment held by ECHS Polyclinic in a function state at all times in Mil and Non-Mil Station, if local EME workshop repair facilities are inadequate.

and also, to reduce avoidable back loading of equipment under BLR/ BER certificate, normal procedure will be adopted while processing the case for repair / servicing /maintenances of medical /dental equipment through civil firms. When cost of repair and servicing / maintenance exceeds the financial powers of SEMO and SITU civil repairs and servicing / maintenance is considered essential, quotation from the firm along with statement of case with full justification duly recommended by Jt Dir Med, Regional Centre ECHS will be forwarded to dependent SEMO/ Store holding installation.

along with relevant information as per below for their necessary action. Under no circumstance, repairs and servicing / maintenance form civil sources will be undertaken without prior sanction / approval of the concerted CFA. However, in exceptional cases telephone approval be obtained from the concerned CFA and EX-post facto sanction be obtained within one-month form the date of repair of the Equipment.

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