Tele caller Requirements 2023

This course is designed to improve the skills, techniques and confidence of those working in Tele sales and Telemarketing. The type of individual who thrives in this type of environment needs to be very customer focused; have the ability to satisfy customer needs. and have the ability to think quickly decisively to handle objections and close the deal. It is written with both the customer and the organization in mind to maximize on potential sales and build client loyalty. Professional telephone techniques Projecting a professional image is one of the keys to professional selling. Delegates will understand the techniques of making effective outgoing calls; how to build rapport with clients; how voice presentation skills can enhance the conversation; and how to create good first impressions on both internal and external calls.


Call planning and Tele sales strategy ‘Salespeople don’t plan to fail they sometimes fail to plan’. Call planning and strategy are essential to understanding what to say to the customer and how to manage both the first call and the call-back. Understanding why customers buy Customer transition and the psychology of buying. We all go through a specific process when we decide to buy goods and services. We will show delegates how to match their sale with the customer’s buying sequence so that they can actively sell to ‘real’ needs and wants. Opening the call and arousing interest Sensational openings produce successful sales. The effective telephone sales person understands the importance of powerful ‘attention-getters’ designed specifically to improve the positioning of the
product and the organization with the customer.

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