Makeup Artist Courses Update -2023

Bachelor of Arts in Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics for Performance. Diploma or Certificate in Fashion Stylist and Communication. MA Fashion Styling, Photography and Film. This study seeks to understand women’s use of makeup in the workplace. The authors analyze 20 in-depth interviews with a diverse group of women who work in a variety of settings to examine the appearance rules that women confront at work and how these rules reproduce assumptions about sexuality and gender the authors found that appropriate makeup use is. strongly associated with assumptions about health, heterosexuality, and credibility in the workplace. They describe how these norms shape women personal choices to wear makeup. Next, they examine how some women transform the meanings of wearing makeup and, in rare instances, attempt to subvert the institutionalized norms. Although many women find pleasure in wearing makeup, the authors conclude that the institutional constraints imposed by the workplace effectively limit the possibilities for resistance.

Interestingly, Foucault’s theories have also been appropriated by feminists who emphasize women’s resistance to oppressive beauty regimens. These theorists draw on Foucault’s observation that domination is always met with resistance. Thus, instead of examining how women are victimized by a patriarchal beauty culture, these theorists focus on the ways that individuals can disrupt and undermine power by subverting the meaning of oppressive. cultural forms. Butler (1990), for example, argues that individuals may resist the very categories of sex and gender through a masquerade of practices of femininity; she suggests that drag may be one form of making such “gender trouble” with our bodies. This approach is useful in preserving a sense of women’s cultural agency and asserting the possibility for change in oppressive social relations. The course is designed to give to students an overview of basic makeup techniques and to develop their skill in using those technique.


For Certificate courses, candidates must have completed class 10 or equivalent. For UG Diploma or PG Diploma courses candidates must have completed 10+2 or equivalent or graduation in relevant discipline.

Makeup and Beautician Course Syllabus
ColoursAdvanced facials, cleanups, skin treatment
Brow shapingCorporate/ bridal/ party makeup
Corrections and sculptingStyling
Skincare and HygieneBleaching, waxing, threading, masques
PresentationBondo transfers
HD makeup for photography, filmography and fashion showsMakeup techniques and consultation
Techniques skin tonesClient management
Airbrush techniques for flawless looks

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