Automation testing courses- Update

Automated Testing is a technique where the Tester writes scripts on their own and uses suitable Software or Automation Tool to test the software. It is an Automation Process of a Manual Process. It allows for executing repetitive tasks without the intervention of a Manual Tester. Automation tests can be run at any time of the day as they use scripted sequences to examine the software.
Automation tests can also enter test data can compare the expected result with the actual result and generate detailed test reports. The Testers didn’t even care about the final testing and hence this accident happened. So, in order to replace for few of the Manual Test’s mandatory, there is a need for Automation Testing. Below are some of the reasons for using automation testing . In the IT industry, large companies have a team with responsibilities to evaluate the developed software in context of the given requirements. Moreover, developers also conduct testing which is called Unit Testing. In most cases, the following professionals are involved in testing a system within their respective capacities. Cost Effective Development ,Product Improvement ,Test Automation, Quality Check.

ParametersManual TestingAutomated Testing
ReliabilityManual testing is not accurate at all times due to human error, thus it is less reliable. Since it is performed by third-party tools and/or scripts, therefore it is more reliable.
InvestmentHeavy investment in human resources.Investment in tools rather than human resources.

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