UI/UX  Designer Course

UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that you interact with when using a website, app, or electronic device. UX refers to the entire interaction you have with a product, including how you feel about the interaction. UI/UX design is one among numerous non-technical roles in tech that doesn’t require any coding or programming skills. However, having previous experience in coding or programming skills is beneficial as communicating with developers is made easier. With an equal emphasis on hands-on learning through a practical learning experience via real-world projects and assignments, Capstone projects on ecommerce, fitness, technology, and many more industries; and Designer Toolkit training Figma, Sketch, Invision, Mural & Balsamiq, Networking Sessions via Top Design Leaders from Adobe, Amazon & Microsoft. This program provides the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge in an applied learning format. This entry introduces core concepts from UI/UX design important to cartography and visualization, focusing on issues related to visual design. First, a fundamental distinction is made between the use of an interface as a tool and the broader. experience of an interaction, a distinction that separates UI design and UX design.

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