Job for Assistant Professor C. V. Raman Global University

Experts in the field of the Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis/Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics domain who have the ability to impart and share knowledge in these fields and shape the understanding of the students and contribute to the quality research activity. The roles are open to the dedicated and accomplished individuals with career first Basic degree in Pharmacy Registered as a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, Masters degree in appropriate branch of specialization in Pharmacy, Ph.D. Degree in Pharmacy GPAT qualified candidates with experience in Teaching Research Industry will be given preference. It grew in record time imparting technical education with a larger purpose and impact through world-class laboratories, research-intensive learning pedagogy, unmatched Centers of Excellence and unhindered connectivity to some of the finest libraries in the world B. Pharm, M. PharmPh.D. Although this University is newly born, it takes pride in its rich heritage. Aiming to improve the scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality education system across the globe, the University is committed to expanding the scope of the existing departments and also to open new ones to deliver multi and inter-disciplinary courses by accelerating the present sectoral focus of its mother Institute.

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