Fashion Design Course- The Practical Guide for Aspiring Fashion Designers.

Readymade garment industry is highly growth-oriented industry. Exports in this are the largest foreign exchange earner for the country, accounting a good percentage of the total exports. Readymade garments have high demands as they are available in various prizes and ranges and India being having largest acreage under cotton cultivation and low labor cost is on an advantageous position.

The benefit of training reflects in the figures on export sales and profitability, better motivated and skilled staff will provide a higher quality service to customers, develop existing markets, reduce customer complaints and related issues. The study of the research is focused to understand the skills level of Production managers working in national and international level of branded apparel manufacturing..

When a two-dimensional shape takes on a third dimension, it becomes a form or mass. Form is the three-dimensional shape of an object. If an object has height, weight, and depth, it has form. Form makes up the enclosed area of design. Along with body shape, the clothes people wear create form.

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