The purpose of a gym is to help people get healthier and stronger by providing a place with exercise equipment and facilities. People go to the gym to do physical activities and workouts that can improve their fitness levels, build muscles, and increase their overall wellbeing.

This program is separated into two sections. The first four weeks are phase, and it’s all about building. strength and muscle. This is designed to get your metabolism revved up, dial in your diet to incorporate. More lean meats and healthy carbs and get you in the habit of hitting the gym regularly. During this time, you’ll be eating more food, taking. Adequate rest days to allow your muscles to repair and drinking lots of water. It’s all about conditioning your body, getting used to eating a clean, healthy diet, and preparing your ligaments and tendons for the rigors of phase.

The diet I offer only shows one sample day. Given the fact that you are training four days per week and have3 rest days per week, you’ll be eating an additional 47workout days and 35 rest days. I do NOT recommend you eat the same meals for all of those days. of salmon or bowl of oats. A healthy, balanced diet looks different for each person, as nutrition needs vary based on gender, height, weight, activity level, and many more factors. When thinking about what is “healthy” and “balanced” for you, there are many considerations. Think about taste preferences, nutrition needs, cooking ability, medical conditions, budget, and more.

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