Forensic Science Laboratory Recruitment 2023

Forensic science includes those aspects of science which are helpful and useful for the purpose of law deals with the application of medical knowledge towards administration of justice. A forensic science laboratory undertakes the examination of physical evidence sent by Medical Officer or the scene of crime, so as to link a suspect to victim, to scene or to crime. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, This is one of the most important functional units of the laboratory. All biological materials such as human tissues including skeletal remains, blood, semen, saliva, fibers and fabrics, vegetable materials and wildlife related exhibits are examined in this unit and reports are sent to the concerned courts.

Over the period there has been an astronomical advance in the techniques used
Many best practices were also adopted by the unit. The reports are computer generated and many changes were inducted in the worksheet and the overall scheme of examinations of the exhibits. In the year 2008, PSA Card method had been introduced for examining the seminal stains. This is considered to be one of most advanced techniques used in forensic biology across the globe. This unit undertakes examinations of Alcohol, Petroleum Products, and other material exhibits which require chemical examination. This unit also examines exhibits related to Vigilance Trap cases. Latest equipment such as Gas Chromatograph, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer, Gas Chromatograph-Head-Space are extensively used in case examination works.

In this unit all examinations related to firearms and ammunition are carried out. The scientists examine effectiveness of a firearm, whether a particular firearm was used for firing or not. In this unit test fire cartridges and bullets are compared to establish that the cartridge and bullet were fired from the suspected firearm or not. The unit also undertakes examination of the Gun Shot Residue collected from the hands and apparels of the firer.

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