Senior Engineer Motherboard vacancy

The motherboard acts as a central hub connecting a computer’s functional components so that they can interact. Some parts are required, while others are additional options you can use to personalize your computer depending on your needs. It is very common that students are not taking any risk for getting a better job. They just complete their studies and get a degree. As soon as they get a degree, they don’t try to get a new job. A motherboard is the primary circuit board connecting all the necessary pieces for your computer to operate as a system. The motherboard resides inside the computer with different connections specific to items in the computer, allowing them to operate and communicate with each other. You may have ports for other types of hardware, such as memory cards or connections to the computer’s CPU or central processing unit. Some of the connected components—often called daughter boards—may have individual pre- or post-processing CPUs to alleviate strain on the motherboard.

Age limit: 18 Maximum Age: 27.

Qualification: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or related engineering fields. Strong verbal communication and presentation skills. Ability to work independently and some knowledge in Excel Macro and Perl is an added advantage.

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